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Bottle cap inner pad material and its application in hot filling beverage plastic bottle cap


Patent Name Cap Liner Material and Its Application in Hot Filled Beverage Plastic Bottle Cap Patent Applicant Shanghai Ziri Packing Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address 201111 No. 1383 Beisong Road, Minhang District, Shanghai Inventor Wu Xiaojie Application (patent) No. 02112339.X Application date 2002.07.01 Certification date Approval announcement number 1465507 Validation announcement date 2004.01.07 Manual CD-ROM number D0401 Main classification number B65D53/04 Classification number B65D53/04; C08L31/04; C08L23/08 Division Original application number Priority SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention is an improvement in the material of the inner lid of a bottle cap and its application to plastic bottle caps for hot beverage filling. A combination of maleic acid-modified EVA, SEBS (hydrogenated styrene-diene copolymer), hydrogenated paraffin oil, branched low-density polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and low-molecular lubricants, is a conventional cap liner There is nothing in the pad material. The inner pad material obtained by the blending has excellent performance compared with the pad material of the existing beverage packaging plastic bottle cap, and the pad material is not only low in price, but also is better than the pad material of the traditional hot filling beverage plastic bottle cap. The effect is good. Through the material blend modification, not only the elasticity of the inner cushion material is increased, but also the stable and uniform opening torque is obtained while reducing the precipitated components, because no oil is added and the easy-to-precipitate smoothness components are not filled at high temperatures. Afterwards, it caused floating on the surface of the contents. Sovereign Items 1. A cap inner pad material characterized by containing EVA having a VA content of 18% in a weight ratio of 5 to 60% and adding an ethylene-alpha olefin copolymer in a weight ratio of 90 to 35%.

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